Aveda Botanical Treatment

What Is Your Concern?
What Is Your Concern?
Dry hair, Brittle, rough/coarse feel, lacks shine
Damaged Hair, Weak, porous, breaks easily, lacks shine

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Recommended Menu

botanical therapy moisture treatment
layer on hair masque for very dry hair

botanical therapy
repair treatment
Result Result
Moisturizes and improves
dry hair up to 86%*

Repairs and improves
damaged hair up to 84%*
Moisturizes with buriti and pomegranate oils (a)
Smooths and detangles with palm kernelderived
conditioners (b)
Softens hair and seals in shine with
organic kukui seed oil (c)
Aroma: certified organic palmarosa, ylang ylang, rose geranium and vanilla
Repairs and strengthens with quinoa protein and
sugar beet-derived amino acids (a)
Smooths and detangles with
palm kernel-derived conditioners (b)
Provides moisture to hair and seals in shine with
philodendron and barley extract (c)
Aroma: certified organic bergamot, mandarin
and ylang ylang