Darphin Signature Facials

KIWI & POMEGRANATE HYDRATOR - Intensive Hydrating Treatment
A deep drench and soothing quench for moisture depleted skin. This intensive hydrating facial includes deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation followed by an intense saturation of a cooling, soothing mask enriched with Kiwi, Palmarosa and Lavender Essential Oils and nourishing vitamins. Recover a delectably dewy fresh, radiant complexion.

CAMOMILE & HONEY SOOTHING FACIAL - Facial Soothing Treatment
A calming cocoon for aggravated complexions. Gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation followed by a pillowy-soft "flower bandage" mask that blends Hawthorne, Shea Butter and Honey for an incredible sensation of comfort and calm. Helps relieve visible redness and prepare skin's defences against environmental aggressors causing sensitivity. Find peace with a smooth, even-toned complexion.

LEMON & LAVENDER PURIFIER - Deep Cleansing Treatment
A deep cleansing facial for all skin types. This treatment removes toxins and reduces imperfections while refining the size and appearance of pores. A double peel with nature's powerful but gentle purifiers (Lemon, Lavender, Sage) and a detoxifying massage drains skin of impurities while a soothing pore-refining mask leaves your complexion sparkling clean, clear and bright.

CAMELLIA & PEARL YOUTHFUL GLOW - Anti-aging & Radiance Treatment
Fight against first signs of aging and discourage aging skin by correctinig and illuminating the skin according to Pierre Darphin’s original stimulating, corrective, pampering tone-up massage techniques.

ROSE & LINEN AGE REVERSAL - Intensive Anti-aging Treatment
Turnaround ageing and total renewal. A complete rejuvenating treatment to regenerate the epidermis with two time reversal massages that reshape and firm facial muscles, revealing a clear, even, toned complexion. Experience opulence while a luscious firming mask, enriched with age-defying essences, saturates and plumps skin for instant radiance and rejuvenation.

ORANGE BLOSSOM & LICORICE WHITENER - Hyper-pigmentation & Anti-aging Treatment
An intensive brightening treament reinforces skins clarity and helps with uneven pigmentation revealing a naturally radiant and even complexion.

90 mins- $90