Hair Removal with IPL + RF (E Light)

IPL is the acronym for "Intense Pulsed Light" and does hair removal with intense pulsed light irradiation. Unlike the laser which can only emit light at a specific wavelength, the IPL light is able to provide a broad wavelength range. The operating principle is very similar.IPL / E Light method has the big advantage that this method can be individually “configured” by using different filter types for different skin and hair type.

"E-Light" is the next level of technology, which combines the advantages of IPL and radiofrequency (electromagnetic waves). Radiofrequency is independent of melanin and thus independent of skin type. That means that through radiofrequency we have a much higher possibility to remove light gray and red hair, permanently, which is not possible by IPL technology only.

What Does the Treatment Include?

The hair to be treated will be trimmed to be a lenght of 1mm to 3mm. The handpiece will be slightly pressed to the treatment area. Than a pulsed light will be delivered. Each pulse covers an area of 2cm by 5cm. This is a large area (the largestspot on the market) and therefor the treatment is fast and effective for large body areas such as legs and arms.

Does it Hurt?

The degree of discomfort varries with each person depending on his/her sensitivity. The sensation my be anything from painless to a tolerable sting.

What are the advantages of the Treatment?

The treatment provides all advantages of light-based hair removal treatment at an affordable price. After the treatment there is a significant reduction in the amount of hair. The few hairs that grow back come in slower, lighter, and thinner. In addition, the exceptionally large spot size results in quicker treatment time

E光脱毛是集表皮冷却技术、强脉冲光治疗技术和RF射频技术为一体的智能化、非剥脱性的皮肤重建系统。 E光将上述三种技术智能化的组合,针对不同的皮肤类型和患者不同的皮肤问题,给出针对性的治疗方案。 在对表皮充分保护的前提下(表皮冷却技术),利用IPL技术可独特的裂解表皮和真皮内的斑点样色素 (如:颧部褐青色痣等),智能化的组合(IPL+RF),使上述两种能量最大限度地聚焦到真皮的胶原组织 和毛囊的毛乳头部位。RF技术提供一个均匀加热几乎整个皮肤层的能量而此时联合应用IPL的选择性光热 原理可以强化嫩肤、祛斑和脱毛的效果,在患者无明显痛感和副作用的情况下轻松实现皮肤重建和脱毛。

E光脱毛有着速度快、效果显著、安全性高等特点,解决了许多传统方法无法解决的问题。传统的激光和 强光脱毛的方法是通过光选择性吸收原理来达到脱毛的目的。传统的光脱毛是靠毛干吸收足够的热量, 然后传导至毛囊来脱毛,这就是为什么在治疗黑色素较少的毛发的时候用传统的方法往往效果不好的原因。 而e光脱毛通过联合使用光能和射频能,能同时作用与毛干和毛囊。