New Arrival Facial Treatments

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Meridian Massage 全方面经络拨筋 - 美容健康养生术
- the utilization of rubbing and pressing methods to stimulate the trigger points;
- dredges the meridian, regulate the chi and blood flows, balance yin and yang;
- consequently change the nerve reactions, coordinate the functions of internal organs;
- nourish the facial skin by stimulating blood circulations and promotes the skin metabolism.
- enhance the anti-aging process and improve skin appearance.
- with the help innovation tools - Heavenly Fish, to increase blood oxygen oxygen levels.
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Eyelash Extensions 专业嫁接睫毛
. We specialize in making you look and feel beautiful.
. You will love your new lashes and be amazed how great you look with it.
. Get the striking result you have always dreamed of.
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Black Doll Treatment 黑脸娃娃治疗
- Conqueror of Pigmentation!
- 激光色素治疗

E-LIGHT RF/IPL Treatment (FotoFacial) 完美脉冲E光 - 冰点拉皮治疗
Combination of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) & RF (Radio Frequency)
- Removal of unwanted hair. Improve skin tones and texture.
- Reduce acne breakout. Skin firming effect.
- 非剥脱性的皮肤重建 (紧肤祛皱、嫩肤、祛斑和脱毛)

CRYO'PORATION Treatment by SPRING 中胚层疗法 (速美)
- Advanced Techonology with no side effect, no damage to skins.

New French Caudalie Signature Treatments
- Vinexpert Treatment - firming, reduce wrinkles
- Pulpe Vitaminee Treatment - healthy glow with radiance
- Vinoperfect Treatment - brighten skin tones

New French Darphin Signature Treatments
- Kiwi & Pomegranate Hydrator - intensive hydrating
- Camomile & Honey Soothing - soothing treatment
- Lemon & Lavender Purifier - Deep Cleansing
- Camellia & Pearl Youthful Glow - Anti-aging
- Rose & Linen Age Reversal - Intenseive Anti-aging
- Orange Blossom & Licorice Whitener - Hyper Pigmentation / whitening

New Dr Murad Signature Treatments
- Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion - reduce sign of aging
- Acne Complex Facial - clinically proven to control acne breakouts
- Rejuvenate and Repair Facial - restore firmer, younger skin