For All Ages

Reflexology DOES NOT discriminate

Anyone who is willing to accept responsibility for their own well being can benefit from reflexology treatment. Reflexology does not discriminate - anyone, from babies right up to elderly can gain relief from it. Everyone can enjoy and benefit from a reflexology treatment. Whether you are young, old, male or female the treatment will have some effect.

It is suitable and safe for all ages and may bring relief for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. It then treats the whole person by looking at the balance between the body,
emotions, and environment.

Therefore it can combat a number of disorders or disease by bringing the mind, body and spirit back to a more harmonious state. You do not have to be ill or physically uncomfortable to experience the benefits it can offer. Because people frequently struggle to find the time to relax properly, almost everyone can benefit from treatment.


-babies are appear to respond particularly well to a gentle
reflexology session
- it relax a baby after birth as well as strengthen the special bond
between parents and babies.
- It has been shown to be effective in helping babies sleep, aiding
colic and helping crying babies and their mothers unwind.


- children are often more receptive to new experiences, and therefore, natural remedies than adults.
- Older children may benefit when hormonal changes take place around puberty.
- It can be used to distress before an important exam & aiding relaxation.


- reflexology is now used in many hospices to relieve physical symptoms, such as pain, and also
to provide the opportunity for loved ones to maintain a therapeutic emotional connection.

Older People

- reflexology benefits the elderly by improving circulation and may help to increase mobility.
- It offers the potential to counter pain and ease the physical effects of aging, such as aching joints
and incontinence.
- The lack of physical contact and loneliness that can be associated with old age can be ameliorated
by reflexology, helping people simply to feel better in themselves.