Foot Reflexology Common Procedure (60 minute session)


A good foot reflexology/massage session will help you with exfoliating the dead skin layer and stimulating ancient reflexology points releiving feet and stimulating the whole body.

1. The service starts with a foot soak and immersion of feet in a barrel of hot water containing more than 10 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine.

2. The feet are then washed and dried.

3. A thick layer of lotion is appliced to the feet and calves.

4. Pressure is then applied to the 62 reflection points on the feet.

5. A hand, upper back, shoulder and neck massage is available as an optional service without additional charge. (limited to 30 mins or more session)

Treating for a specific disorder or diagnosing are discouraged. Relaxation is emphasized as a goal of the service with avoidance of the concept of curing the disease.


There are some conditions for which reflexology is unsuitable. These include the following:

- conditions requiring surgery
- lymphatic cancer
- early pregnancy (under 16 weeks)
- pregnancies where the woman has a history of miscarriage
- some of the more serious circulatory problems such as phlebitis.

The following conditions can be treated with reflexology, bu make sure you are careful. If you are unsure about treating any of the following disorders then do not treat.

- heart conditions. Here be careful you don't overstimulate the heart. usually a much gentler treatment is given.
- epilepsy. In this case be careful you don't over stimulate the brain, spinal cord or eyes.
- diabetes