Japanese Thermal Ion Straightening


Recently thermal oil is the revolution in the hair industry to make beautiful straight and curly hair. Hair Toto Group has spent tremendous amounts of manpower, time and money in research on Thermal Ion.

To ensure we have the best understanding and skill on this technology before bringing it to our customers. Moreover, all of thermal Ion equiptment and chemicals are from Japan. Thermal Ion was developed in Japan. It is well known for making straight shiny hair from any type of hair, even naturally wavy hair can turn to beautiful shiny hair.

The beauty of this technology is tho use Ion and high temperature to change the hair structure without damaging the hair. Morover, it also gives hair a much softer and smoother texture.

Thermal Ion is no only albe to turn wayv hair to shiny straight hair, it also can create set perm and power perm. With the same concept thermal Ion set perm gives hair a more shine and body texture. Unlike the traditional perm, thermal Ion set perm also can last longer and styling is not necessary after shampoo. In general, the whole process wold take about 3-4 hours depending on the length of the hair. You're probably familiar with the Japanese straightening process, or Thermal Reconditioning. The set perm uses the same technology, excpet that the hair will be curly instead of straight.

Tip: For best results, do not wash hair 2 days after you have thermal Ion and do not tight hair a week after you have thermal Ion.

$300 up