Meridian Massage

The natural way of beauty and healthy well-being

How is meridian massage differs from normal massage? Meridian massage is a kind of effective deep massage; it does not just simply apply pressure on the surface to make you feel comfortable. Meridian massage is a type of natural treatment that tackles different acupoints of the body accordingly to achieve healthy well-being. The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the meridian system connects with our body surface, and serves as the bridge between the body surfaces and the internal organs.

With this perfect network system, the human body then becomes a unique one. With meridian massage to tackle the acupoints, it clears tendon swelling, smooth blood circulation, nourish facial skin, activate skin functions, maintain a flexible, moist and healthy skin. It can also improve dark spots, pimples, eyesight deterioration, and tinnitus. By improving the blood circulation, strengthen the meridians vital energy and improving overall body metabolism, it rejuvenates your body and makes you look better.

Meridian massage derived from the meridian study: relying on the 14 meridian ways and limpid paths, the utilization of rubbing and pressing methods to stimulate the acupoints, dredges the meridian, regulate the Chi and blood flows, balance Yin and Yang, coordinate the functions of internal organs and nourish the skin by stimulating blood circulations and improves body metabolism. It can also enhance the anti-aging process and improve skin appearance.

The new innovative ergonomic tool - Heavenly Fish, contains 23 different minerals, far infrared ray and anion elements built in this biochemical ceramics is used together with meridian massage. Application of new tool and massage technique will result in increased blood oxygen level after treatment. With this natural massage treatment, you can safely achieve a healthy life!

脸部回春拨筋术 90 Mins
Rejuvenate Facial Meridian Massage
Scraping and pressing the meridian paths and facial musculature will stimulate the skin blood circulation, which would also remove the wrinkles, strengthen the meridians vital energy and improve metabolism.
- Reduce crow feet and smile lines
- Improve sleeping problems
- Treats eye bags and eye diseases
- Treats tinnitus, dizziness, migraine
- Plump up your cheek and look more youthful
- Treats aging compact, acne problem, black spots with deep conditioning treatment (instant result!)

腹腔净化术 60 Mins
Abdominal Meridian Massage
- Eliminate belly fat, tighten abdominal muscle
- Strengthen stomach, relieves congestion
- Improve ovary and uterus functions
- Improve liver and gallbladder, which in turn prevents diseases

手部与美胸保健 60 Mins
Chest & Hands Meridian Massage
- Beautify chest and lift breasts
- Activate acupoints by massaging the hands Yin and Yang meridian points
- Remove flabby arms
- Relieves chest tightness, improve heart and lungs function

能量拨筋术SPA 90 Mins
Energy Meridian Massage Spa (Custom Made)
- Custom Made based on your needs.
- Whole body energy meridian points massage spa.
- Cleanse your body to improve metabolism
- Relieves edema, body stiffness, soreness
- Smooth out lymphatic circulatory system, remove flabby arms

美背开穴 60 Mins
Back Meridian Massage
Human back is the central system where important nervous system, meridian system, immune system etc of our body were located at. The spine is the most important part of our back and it links to many of the body internal organs.
- Taking care of our back can drastically improve our health.
- Improve your heart, lungs, liver, gallbladder, spleen, and kidney; Strengthen the body meridian system
- Greatly reduce neck and shoulder pain, and also back pain

五十肩拨筋术 60 Mins
Frozen Shoulder Meridian Massage
- Activate acupoints in the hands Yang area
- Improve pain in shoulder girdle and frozen shoulder
- Remove flabby arms and strengthen your heart and lungs

腰部拨筋 60 Mins
Waist Meridian Massage
- Smooth out and clear blockages in the meridian system by using the special tool Heavenly Fish
- Improve cell tissue repairing and autonomic nervous system
- Achieve equilibrium within the internal organs

臀形美化紧实雕塑法 60 Mins
Buttock Toning Meridian Massage
- Improve urinary system
- Tone loose and sagging hip
- Prevent Gynecological diseases

美腿保健 60 Mins
Legs & Feet Sculpting Massage
- Beautify leg shape and eliminates cellulite
- Improve knee bone degradation
- Relieve heel inflammation (Plantar Fasciitis)
- Strengthen metabolism and improves blood circulation
- Prevent vein inflammation and leg aching, relieves edema

头部拨筋 30 Mins
Head Meridian Massage
- Improve headache, migraine, insomnia, bald, hair loss, hair follicles block, weak nervous system
- Strengthen your brain and memory function

眼部拨筋 30 Mins
Eye Area Meridian Massage
Improve eyesight deterioration, dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles by activating the acupoints around the eyes.