What do you Expect of reflexology treatment?

In order for the body to heal itself, it has to remove toxic substances that can lead to a healing crisis. The severity of the healing crisis depends upon the person. Once the treatment has finished, the person should be relaxed and somewhat warmer because of the stimulation of blood circulation.. Sometimes howerver, the person may feel cold. This is from toxins leaving the body.

Some of the more common reactions that may occur include:
- the person will have a very good nights sleep.
- the rate of urination may increase.
- the person may get a cold.
- some people experience a headache. If this does occur, its is best not to take any medication to try to surpress it.
- surpressed past conditions cold flare up.

These are all positive reactions, and show that the body is trying to heal itself. The healing crisis is usually short lived, leaving the person with a heightened feeling of well-being.

How many treatments required?

Every person is different so it is not possible to predict the exact number of sessions that will be required. Most forms of disease will have been building up over a period of time. It is therefore unrealistic to expect and instantaneous improvement.

Serious diseases usually longer to treat than minor ones. Likewise, disorders that have been present for a long time often require more treatments than those that have been present for only a short time. Older people may also be slower than younger people to respond to treatments.

For all diseases a course of treatment is advised even if the symptoms ease off after the first treatment. For the majority of disorders six to eight weekly sessions is recommended. Usually some kind of improvement will occur after about three sessions. If after five session there does not seem to be any noticeable change to the person, then perhaps reflexology is not the best path for him or her.